Wednesday, October 14, 2009


More and more young people are becoming exceptionally assertive and winded up as blame-worthy parents, similar to some generations ago. The majority of the current generation of beggars, poor, and underprivileged are the products of poor parents or parents who have not had gained knowledge and wisdom to live life on earth. Sometimes, it is funny to hear that some people blame the government or the rich for their misery. The truth is in the Qur'an. The very first revelation given by Allah subhana wata Allah through the prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, was "Iqraa", gain knowledge, learn to understand nature. Allah subhana wata Allah also told the story of Adam. He said, 'ask Adam, I taught him everything, so he knows everything in nature'. In other words, iliterates should not plunge into marriage. Otherwise, Allah will be angry with them and the most that will get the penalties will be the parents!

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