Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Positioning, Halal Burgers, Marketing Strategy

I have just read an issue over the sale of Halal burgers in France. The mayor looked at it as something prejudicial. He must have forgotten his marketing strategy prowess over product positioning. How could a business continue to operate and sell a product without profit? How can a business pay its tax if it does not in any way earn? Logic and Reason? Funny, but true! Are we for social services? Instead of lingering at divisive motives, why not do something proactive for the greater good!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Preacher's are suppose to preach and teach believers how to move closer to Allah. On special days like jumuat it would be opportune if the first thing that a preacher would discuss will be about how to pray and the content of the prayer. The step by step process of praying instead of discussing trivialities. And preachings should not be very long that almost all the worshippers will fall asleep because the time for obligatory prayer was spent for preaching uninteresting topics.

Many believers in the Mosque I have attended does not know how to pray. It is a pity that believers desire to talk personally to Allah has not been addressed well by those knowlegeables. Many have not memorized important parts of the prayer. So, as I have noticed, they did not get what they were asking for from Allah swa. What a pity!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


After having transferred to a bigger, better space for living, I began to realize what I have been missing. First, living in the vicinity of the Mosque is really very nice. Second, having more space to move around gave me a relax living environment. Third, I began to take notice of almost anything I have been using in the house especially my cooking fuel. Funny, but true, I have learned to cook the easy way on a stove with gas in tank for years now because of convenience. But, this methane gas are products of microorganisms if not fecal materials of animals. How on earth could I make my food HALAL and say "Bismillah"!

I remember in the Qur'an, Allah subhana wata Allah said that we may utilize wood that are not bearing fruits for consumption for fuel. So, in as much as the area does not allow so much smoke emissions in the air I decided to use charcoal. Charcoal from wood emits only white smoke when properly kindled. Food cook in it is just super. I can say "Bismillah". Otherwise, I use electricity. I hope someday I will have solar cells to power my cooking other than charcoal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The mysterious plants that once was just adored for its blooms in the wilderness has become a commodity of trade that is fast selling at a very luxurious cost everyday in almost every market in the world. The Netherlands, Thailand, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Germany are only few of the countries that have taken advantage of the exceptionally profitable business.

There is one easy way of propagating or multiplying the number of plants in a speedy and precise way. This process is called embryo culture. A single orchid fruit or pod when fertile, could provide 4 to 10 million embryos. This almost microscopic embryos can be grown in a kitchen type laboratory. Using simple kitchen tools, the embryos can be nurtured into young seedling which can be sold as it is. It can also be grown into blooming sizes for multiple earnings. For details, you may chat with me at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Perchance it is time for the oil exporting countries to slow down on its mining and global supply. Patronage as well, should slow down. After all, the effort just seems to make life on earth more miserable. There are more and more people in poverty. Climate change is getting worst. It does not make life any better for the majority. Supposedly, crude oil and natural gas energy should cater to better living conditions. But, it instead brought about living on earth to a critical level, that disadvantages are greater than benefits.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


More and more young people are becoming exceptionally assertive and winded up as blame-worthy parents, similar to some generations ago. The majority of the current generation of beggars, poor, and underprivileged are the products of poor parents or parents who have not had gained knowledge and wisdom to live life on earth. Sometimes, it is funny to hear that some people blame the government or the rich for their misery. The truth is in the Qur'an. The very first revelation given by Allah subhana wata Allah through the prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, was "Iqraa", gain knowledge, learn to understand nature. Allah subhana wata Allah also told the story of Adam. He said, 'ask Adam, I taught him everything, so he knows everything in nature'. In other words, iliterates should not plunge into marriage. Otherwise, Allah will be angry with them and the most that will get the penalties will be the parents!