Friday, December 25, 2009


Preacher's are suppose to preach and teach believers how to move closer to Allah. On special days like jumuat it would be opportune if the first thing that a preacher would discuss will be about how to pray and the content of the prayer. The step by step process of praying instead of discussing trivialities. And preachings should not be very long that almost all the worshippers will fall asleep because the time for obligatory prayer was spent for preaching uninteresting topics.

Many believers in the Mosque I have attended does not know how to pray. It is a pity that believers desire to talk personally to Allah has not been addressed well by those knowlegeables. Many have not memorized important parts of the prayer. So, as I have noticed, they did not get what they were asking for from Allah swa. What a pity!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


After having transferred to a bigger, better space for living, I began to realize what I have been missing. First, living in the vicinity of the Mosque is really very nice. Second, having more space to move around gave me a relax living environment. Third, I began to take notice of almost anything I have been using in the house especially my cooking fuel. Funny, but true, I have learned to cook the easy way on a stove with gas in tank for years now because of convenience. But, this methane gas are products of microorganisms if not fecal materials of animals. How on earth could I make my food HALAL and say "Bismillah"!

I remember in the Qur'an, Allah subhana wata Allah said that we may utilize wood that are not bearing fruits for consumption for fuel. So, in as much as the area does not allow so much smoke emissions in the air I decided to use charcoal. Charcoal from wood emits only white smoke when properly kindled. Food cook in it is just super. I can say "Bismillah". Otherwise, I use electricity. I hope someday I will have solar cells to power my cooking other than charcoal.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The mysterious plants that once was just adored for its blooms in the wilderness has become a commodity of trade that is fast selling at a very luxurious cost everyday in almost every market in the world. The Netherlands, Thailand, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Germany are only few of the countries that have taken advantage of the exceptionally profitable business.

There is one easy way of propagating or multiplying the number of plants in a speedy and precise way. This process is called embryo culture. A single orchid fruit or pod when fertile, could provide 4 to 10 million embryos. This almost microscopic embryos can be grown in a kitchen type laboratory. Using simple kitchen tools, the embryos can be nurtured into young seedling which can be sold as it is. It can also be grown into blooming sizes for multiple earnings. For details, you may chat with me at

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Perchance it is time for the oil exporting countries to slow down on its mining and global supply. Patronage as well, should slow down. After all, the effort just seems to make life on earth more miserable. There are more and more people in poverty. Climate change is getting worst. It does not make life any better for the majority. Supposedly, crude oil and natural gas energy should cater to better living conditions. But, it instead brought about living on earth to a critical level, that disadvantages are greater than benefits.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


More and more young people are becoming exceptionally assertive and winded up as blame-worthy parents, similar to some generations ago. The majority of the current generation of beggars, poor, and underprivileged are the products of poor parents or parents who have not had gained knowledge and wisdom to live life on earth. Sometimes, it is funny to hear that some people blame the government or the rich for their misery. The truth is in the Qur'an. The very first revelation given by Allah subhana wata Allah through the prophet Muhammad, peace upon him, was "Iqraa", gain knowledge, learn to understand nature. Allah subhana wata Allah also told the story of Adam. He said, 'ask Adam, I taught him everything, so he knows everything in nature'. In other words, iliterates should not plunge into marriage. Otherwise, Allah will be angry with them and the most that will get the penalties will be the parents!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


In the 21st century, most people do not any more study nor pay heed to proverbs. These are the age-old adages put together by men and women of the past. All of them have long been gone. But, they all have their time living life on earth. Their legacy of concepts on how to live life sucessfuly is a rich flora of principles, obviously developed from experiences. In the most of what we have these days, which are purely recycled materials, the same principles operates.

One of my favorite proverb says, "The End Does Not Justify The Means". This had become an adopted principle in my life considering the ideas that for one, this life is temporary. Second, not one ever knew when death comes. No one came back to tell their story. Third, the next life is more important. But, it is based on my activities in the present form. Finally, I made the decision to see the "Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow".

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Khawarij, Khariji is one that departs, dissenter, Kharijites. They are the members of Muslim secessionist sect establishing a radically democratic and puritan reform community in the 7th century (Webster Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged). Shia which means party is a group originating from the arguments over leadership of the community after Mohammed’s death (The Encyclopaedia Americana International Edition, USA, 2002).

Clearly, the Khawarij may also be the Shia, Shi’ites who sallied forth in defiance to the assumption to caliphate of the Umayyad’s. It is because obviously the forerunners to the station, five in a row, were related to the prophet Mohammed, peace upon him. Be it in-law or in blood. Thus, Shi’ites could have descended from the bloodline of the prophet Muhammed, peace upon him. This poetic piece of the Qur’an is quite glaring substantiation to the idea of the Shi’ite. Their shadows may mean descendants, mornings may mean children and young ones, and afternoons may mean the middle and old aged.

“And to Allah (alone) falls in prostration whoever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly, and so do their shadows in the mornings and in the afternoons (Surah 13:15), and “whosoever is saved from his own covetousness, such are they who will be the successful” (Surah59:9)

In the 7th century, after the death of the prophet Muhammed, peace upon him, a void was left to his position as a leader of a Sunni community. It is a population of believers in Islam. This was initially filled by his friend and father-in-law Abu Bakr. He was the father of Aisha who was the second wife of Muhammed, peace upon him. After Abu Bakr, the leadership was passed on to three more unidentified Muslims. The same post was accepted by Ali the son-in-law of Muhammed, peace upon him. He is the husband of Fatima.

Fatima was the daughter of Muhammed, peace upon him, with Kadija. Kadija was the first wife of Muhammed, peace upon him. These events took place from 632 to 661. They were called the caliphs or the defenders of faith. It was after the death of Ali the son-in-law of the prophet Muhammed, peace upon him, that nonconformist to the set of Islamic community values arise as a result of rivalry over the position (Perry et. al, 1989).

Khawarij in Arabic Kharijite meaning one that departs, dissenter, a member of a Muslim secessionist sect establishing a radically democratic reform community in the 7th century (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged). It can then be synonymous to Shia. The group that originated over leadership disputes of the community (The Encyclopaedia Americana International Edition USA, 2002).

There were two contenders to the Caliphate then. First, the Umayyad’s who were a family of power (Perry, 1989). They succeeded in assuming the leadership. Second, were the group called the Shi’a, Shi’ites, proponents of ascendancy (Perry et. al, 1989). They must be the descendants of the prophet Muhammad, peace upon him. They tried but failed to retake the post (Perry et. al., 1989). Eventually they turned out into Khawarij because they departed. They established a radically democratic and puritanical reform community (Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged). They adopted some philosophies. They evolved practices different from those of traditional Muslims, known as the Sunni. They did not acknowledge the Umayyad’s (Perry et. al. 1989).

Over the years, the Umayyad’s held the highest position of the caliphate. It gained the support of the greater part of Muslims who were all Arabs (Perry, 1989). So, they to all intents and purposes made extensive triumph escalating Muslim dominion. However, the Umayyad’s never saw their inaccuracy. First, it repositioned the Muslim seat of power from Mecca to Damascus in Syria. Second, it gave only Arabs the holdings of prominent positions in the hierarchy. This was to the bitterness of its new members. They were the Persians, Syrians, Egyptians and others who are not Arabs.

In 750, after about 89 years, it was overthrown by its own followers. It was replaced by the Abbasid’s, a probable Kharijite, Khawarij, The Muslim Empire carried on doing well and thrived under the new leadership. It was marked by prosperous trade and travel. Science, art, and learning intensified. But, it transferred the Muslim capital again in about thirteen years. This time it was to Baghdad, Iraq in 763. The Abbasid’s led the Muslim believers for 500 years. They picked their rank and file from their members regardless of nationality or race. They expanded their control over India, China, all over Africa, most of Spain, Europe, Syria, and Persia called Iran today, Egypt, and Asia. They ruled as caliphs from 750-1258 achieving loftiness through the end of its period of influence.

Perry (p. 213, 1989), presented this brief timetable of Islamic Civilization as follows: 622 – Muhammed, peace upon him, and his followers left Mecca – the Hegira; 632 – The Caliphs began to extend Islamic power; 661 - The assassination of Ali divided the Muslims into Shi’ites and Sunni; 732 – The Muslim advance in Europe was halted at Tours; 763 – The Abbasid court moved to Baghdad; 1220 – Genghis Khan Led the Mongol invasion of the Muslim world; 1258 – The Mongols took Baghdad, ending the Abbasid rule; 1453 – the Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople; and 1526 – Suleiman led Ottoman forces into South - eastern Europe (Perry, 1989).

Today, the Shi’ites, unmistakably Kharijites, Khawarij, the apparent descendants of the prophet Muhammed, peace upon him, reign over Iran, a land of largely advocates that was some time ago called Persia, a brainteaser. But, its adherents are already prevalent. It is not ruled by a caliph but by a religious leader who was swayed into power after its predecessor, a Shah left in 1979. It had survived the rigors of time, wrought with decadence and is now taking a crack at its place in the global circuits of economic entities. Indeed, the unfathomable, vast mysteries can only be spelled out in the life after this world if you have faith in Allah subhanah wata ala.

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Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali, Dr. Muhammad & Muhsin Khan, Dr Muhammad. The Noble Qur’an. S13: 15; 59: 9.

The Encyclopaedia Americana International Edition U.S.A. 2002.

Webster’s Third World New International Dictionary, Unabridged

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The day before the storm in the Philippines, the quake and tsuanmi in Samoa and American Samoa, I knew a calamities would happen. I just could not point out where or when. Then this earthquake in Indonesia. I get these alerts from some nosy birds that visits my place with rough sounds when bad things come. For these, I was not able to post something here because usually, even if I do not bother myself so much with the birds alerts, as often I just simply forget about it, I just do not feel energetic to do something. I guess I am learning something new. Alhumdulillah! I also do get a lot of chances now to do tahajjud prayers!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Allah subhana wata Allah is everything. Allah is time. Every believer should not say that he or she does not have time. Every believer is encourage to perform the obligation to Allah accordingly in order to be blessed. Primarily, no one should leave prayer unperformed during the specified time unless a believer is mobile or on the road. But, in cases when the road travel can be halted, then perform the obligatory prayer. The sick, the injured, or those who can not stand up to pray, may pray while lying down on the right side, or sitting facing the quibla or Mecca.


It is true that life begins at forty. Accounting for our deeds begins at forty. But, this does not mean that at a younger age one can be complacent . For it is the responsibility and obligation of the elders to see that the younger generations comply with the given guidance.

At this age in time, I have seen countless, diverse, unfortunate events in this earthly life. Besides what I have read as to the many suppositions on how to live successfully, I too have numberless experiences. For example, in the past, I would ask where did I go wrong? why did this happen? Then I would pray and pray. And it seems that life is meant to be like riding a roller-coaster. But, it is not the case. After studying the Qur'an and reading the hadith, the route is simple and sure for those who believe. Live a life in the middle stream as a Muslim whose religion is Islam. And strive to perform the five pillars of Islam.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Indeed Allah is true to His promises. More than two years ago, I was ask if I like the idea of transfer to a branch some 30 kilometers away from the City. I prayed for Allah's guidance. Two days later I accepted the offer. Without second thoughts, I pack my things for a better location for work and residence. I never imagined something will take place. The deluge that took place two days ago in the City where I vacated was unbelievable. After all, with so much progress, development, and learning, it is difficult to think, how could people be so presumptous at releasing some water from a reservoir in the midst of heavy rain without ensuring 100% security among the residents?

Had I not moved out, I could have been one of the casualties. Thousands and thousands of people had nowhere to flee after the sudden surge of water. It was like Noah's time have recurred. I could only thank Allah so much for the guidance. Besides, I have more days to prepare for the next life to come, Insha Allah!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Muslims whose religion is Islam practices and culture are grounded on the 5 pillars of Islam. Living this life on earth is in accord with the 5 pillars in preparation for the next life with Allah in paradise.

Muslim means a person who worship only Allah, the one true God. Islam is the religion of Muslims. Islam means one true Allah.

1.) The first pillar of Islam is known as shahada. This is the pledge or oath that the Muslim only worships Allah, believes in Allah's books, believes in Allah's prophets, believes in Allah's angels and jinns, and believes in all of Allah's creation.

2.) The second pillar of Islam is prayer or salah. The Muslim believer prays 5 times a day according to the teachings of Allah.

3.) The third pillar of Islam is fasting or saum. Fasting for one full month during Ramadhan. And fasting for 3 days during full-moons.

4.) The fourth pillar of Islam is charity or sakat. A Muslim shares the substance given by Allah to those in need as sakat. This could be in the form of food, clothing or money etc. And from the whole year earning, at least 2.5 percent is given out to the needy as a zadaka.

5.) The fifth pillar of Islam is pilgrimage or Hadj. Those Muslims who were given the means by Allah is encourage to go on hadj to Mecca at least ones in this lifetime.

These is the clear, plain and simple Muslim practices and culture to live a succeful life on earth in preparation for the next life to come, Allah willing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


My first day after eid ul fitr started when I was awaken a little after 2:00 a.m. There is still the tinge of sadness that ramadhan is over. But, with the knowledge that Allah subhana wata Allah is always here, I sat for few minutes and thought about seeking refuge in Allah, as well as seeking continued guidance for another day in this life. Then, I stood up and went to the window and just look up the sky.

I then washed with the desire in my heart to do the tahajjud plus two rakat sunnah prayer. Afterwards, I though of the whole day ahead of me and the series of things that I must do. In as much as today is a holiday, after the fajr prayer, I decided to do several things. First, I will do the house cleaning for an hour or two. Second, I will prepare for breakfast. And then third, I will simply do the routinary work for a day in the life of a believer, Insha Allah.


In the Qur'an, Allah suhana wata Allah encourage every believer to travel through the land and see what was the end of those who persisted in disbelief. But, Allah did not specify emigration or migration. In fact, Moses was tasked to lead back his countrymen to Palestine from Egypt. Perhaps, this is the reason why Saudi Arabia for one, does not accept foreign nationals who intend to stay as permanent residents in the country.

In many occassions and in many sources, I have learned and understood the fate of those who apparently did not get the instruction, as clear as it was. Others were simply insolent. As a result, some of them found themselves in desolation. But, those who remained steadfast, who returned after seeing places, they all have gained a satisfactory portion of the blessing in this transitory life, especially when iman became stronger after the short trip.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hours before the first day of fasting started in August 22, 2009, that was before 12:00 am, there was a series of very loud thunders and very strong lightning’s. Clearly, it manifested the opening of the gates of heaven for the monthlong fasting and prayer of the believers. Allah was listening at the lowest heaven. It was also indicative of the closing of all the gates of hell during the fasting months.

This afternoon, right after asr prayer time there was again that very loud thunder and strong lightning coming from my Western side. This is a clear indication that all the gates of heaven are again closed while the gates of hell are again open. Realizing these makes me a little sad.


In the Qur’an, Allah, subhana wata Allah revealed that the angels were created from out of fire with white smoke. But, the avowed enemy of mankind, shaitan was created from out of fire with dark smoke. So, any kindling that gives out white smoke is jalal. But, when you burn something and it gives off black smoke, then that is of the enemy, shaitan and his comrades. Quite scary!

I remembered now what I saw on my early morning flight last March of 2009. The airplane passed by a very cloudy area. But the clouds were exceptionally glistening in white. Just few meters below however, quite a very thick layer of very dark clouds hovered. Just before the plane landed, there was already that drizzle for the subsequent strong downpour.

Moses, at one point in his life saw a burning bush. He thought it was an opportunity to kindle something for his family. He approached the burning bush. But, he heard the voice of Allah from out of the fire. There were no smokes in his account.

Friday, September 18, 2009


In the early days of my life, I could remember how I and my brothers and sisters enjoyed swimming in clean river waters and in alternate sea waters. We could stay hours in the waters that when we come home we have sunburn all over. No one told us then, that it was not good. We only stopped during the later years when the waters were already dirty with so much waste coming from human activities.

It was only when I read the hadith in 1999, where the prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, was practicing what was taught by Allah, suhana wata Allah, through the angel Gabriel that I learned proper waste disposal. Allah ordered Gabriel to teach Muhammad to properly discard his waste. When he wants to pee or wee, he must look for a softer spot where he can dig out a little soil and use the pit as storage. Cover the dirt afterwards with the soil.

In another instance, Muhammed was taught how to take a bath using water from the river or sea or lake. The angel Gabriel taught him to fetch some water in a bucket and bring it to a dry land where the soil or sand can easy seep and filter the water back into nature, while leaving the dirst in the soil.

This system must have evolved for ease and comfort in waste disposal. However, there must have been some misunderstanding. In the 21st century, the bodies of water have simply turned out to become scary sources of food. Every kind of dirt or effluents is just seen floating, drifting, mixed, or sunken in the water system. Many houses are constructed on the surface of bodies of water. And usually, these areas which became very unsanitary places to dwell have become haven of the poor. Nonetheless, dwellings that are nearby bodies of water that are well kept in terms of sanitation and proper garbage disposal have turned out to be productive and healthy places to live.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Jalal is not only important, but, it is very important. In fact I can not do a thing for a day, perhaps until the end of my earthly living, when Allah permits, without jalal. This is because up to this moment, I always remember what Allah said. That the avowed enemy of mankind has been given respite till the end of time. With this, the foe has the ability to inflect anything on what Allah have given me in this trasitory life. Guidance is clear and sure therefore. That in my preparation for the next life to come, I must strive with all the wisdom and strenght given by Allah to emerge as a victor in all the meager trials that the enemy attempts to lay before me.

Albeit it to say, that I used the enemy to further strengthen my self-esteem, my faith in the one true Allah. For instance, when I feel very sleepy right before prayer time, then, I would prepare myself to extend reading the Qur'an. When someone derides at my work, I would just say, thank you, and ask Allah for guidance. This is to find out if there was really something wrong in it.

Sometimes, some people who are with the enemy's side tries to outsmart me. For instance, as a writer, I have many experiences of not being paid for the many papers that I wrote. The enemy usually lays before me infinite evasive strategies. But, the best strategy and plan I know is that of Allah. So, I simply commit unto Allah all my cares about the enemy and move on. This is because Allah said "The best among you, are those who can overlook the mistakes of others and avoid scandal, for He alone knows everything and have in store something for those who did wrong, and for those who falter and fail".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In the past years, when I am still asleep and the call to prayer must have been done, I always wondered why on earth are there mosquitoes biting me all over when my house is screened all around. If I do not care to stand up, then, a single bite of an ant in my loins will usually perk me up. I thought that was only in the past.

This noon, perhaps the call to prayer was already done and I was still on bed because I slept late. Believed it or not, a host of ants bit me and brought me up on my feet. Now I must stop writing with this line because the roosters are shouting louder and louder and seems to tell me I am almost late again.


At dawn on September 14, 2009, I did my tahajjud. After tahjjud, I prepared for the fajr prayer. I followed the time for fajr as charted in the calendar distributed at the mosque where I often attended. After the prayer, I noticed that it was still dark. So, I proceeded to read some more chapters of the Qur'an. Right after I stood up when I thought the sun is about to rise. In a sudden burst, I heared a single bird flew away from East to West with a very loud twit. I was just aghast, and was not able to move for a little while.

For over a day, I kept the event with me. All the while, I though somebody was evesdropping. But, I kept thingking what could that be. Yesterday, a quite similar occurence took place. This evening, when I read the chapter on Saba, verse 10, I knew Allah gave David the psalms and ordered the birds to sing it with him.

Monday, September 14, 2009


When I wake up in the morning, I would say, Bismillah, Alhumdulillah, shukran Allah. Meaning, in the name of Allah I wake up praising Allah and thanking Allah for the new day. I go next to the comfort room and I would say astagfirullaah or forgive me Allah. I wash, pee,wee, and change my clothes. And when I am done, I would say Alhumdulillah. Then, I would say Bismillah before I prepare food for my breakfast.
Sometimes, some bad thoughts cross my mind or sometimes, I forget and utter some not so good words. So I say, aodhzu Billahi minash shaitanir rajim. Meaning, I seek refuge in Allah from shaitan and all his pomps. Sometimes, I make mistakes, so I would say astagfirullah. With these, I begin my day in the name of Allah before Fajr or morning prayer.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Jalal is a Semitic word, adopted into the Arabic language to mean done or prepared in the name of Allah. So, every Muslim whose religion is Islam are encourage to use, prepare, eat, and do anything in the name of Allah alone to be blessed. For example, if one will slaughter a cow, one would say Bismillah before cutting the major artery at the neck with a very sharp knife. The butcher should be sure that the cow does not show struggle. The meat will be drained of blood, washed before cooking. When one begins to cook, one would say Bismillah. When one is ready to eat, one would say Bismillah.

After eating, one would say Alhumdulillah! Shukran Allah! Or praise be to Allah and thank you! But, there are instances when one without duress have to eat food prepared in another way. In this instance, one may still eat without complain to show respect.